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Newnan Garage Door Spring Repair

Have your garage door springs stopped working? Are you hearing loud and unusual noises whenever you try and operate your garage door? Or, is your car trapped inside your garage because the door won't open, even though you hear the opener motor running?

If any of these issues are happening with your garage door springs, then give Newnan Garage Door Repairs a call as soon as possible. We boast over two decades of safe and successful garage door spring service and replacement, and all of it at affordable rates, and with guaranteed results.

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How can you tell if your garage door springs need repair or replacement? See if any of these indicators sound familiar:

  • You hear loud bangs, snaps and pops when you try and open your garage door.
  • You attempt to open your garage door, but the door suddenly falls, soon after it begins rising.
  • Your garage door hangs tilted to one side.
  • Your garage door won't move even though you hear the opener motor running.

These are the four classic signs of garage door spring failure; so if you are currently experiencing any of these indicators, call Garage Door Repairs of Newnan as soon as possible. We offer fast, reliable 24-hour emergency assistance, professional repair and replacement service, and affordable rates for everything.

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Please don't attempt garage door spring replacement or repair on your own. These metal coils are tightly wound and are responsible for the hundreds of needless injuries every year when untrained people try and do their own spring services in an effort to save a few dollars.

Leave the risk and danger to the professionals who do this sort of specialized work for a living – us! Garage Door Repair Newnan's springs technicians have the tools, the training, and the expertise needed to do a safe and very thorough job with your garage door springs. Our services are very affordable and we eliminate all of the hassles of trying to fix your damaged springs, or install new ones. We offer flexible appointments and outstanding workmanship so call us today, and get back to normal garage door operation!

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